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Mission and Values

The Wasatia movement was established in January 2007 as non-governmental, non-profit, non-political initiative. Our main mission is to empower potential leadership in Palestinian society with the goal of dialogue and education. To deconstruct mythologies and distortions and misinterpretations and to promote knowledge and empathy for the other.

Wasatia is a religious term meaning justice, tolerance, balance, temperance, and more middle ground. Wasat is a term in Arabic meaning center and middle. The reference is to the Quranic verse: “And this We have created you ummatan Wasatan / a Wasatia ummah/ nation.” (Al-Baqarah Surah composed of 286 verses – verse 143). Wasatia calls for peaceful coexistence, reconciliation, interfaith dialogue, and freedom of religion.

Understanding Islam

Wasatia strives to bring a deeper and more rational understanding of Islam to Moslems as well as to non-Moslems. We wish to clarify the distortions to which Islam has been subjected at home and in the West. We spread and promote Islamic tolerant concepts, values and principles within the Palestinian community.


As a step to a better future one must believe in the common ground of humanity. Wasatia works to educate Palestinians on taboo topics such as the Holocaust, taking a new humanistic approach. We believe that only through education we can seek and find answers for the deep religious, political, social, and economic crises inflicting the Palestinian society–and bring on a change.

We teach creative and critical thinking and open-mindedness.


Wasatia strives and works for ending the Israeli military occupation through negotiations and peaceful means. We bring a message of peace, moderation, justice, coexistence, tolerance, and reconciliation to Palestinian community through vocal civic leaders.

We encourage the practice of moderation among Palestinians in order to mitigate religious radicalism and bigotry and reduce political extremism.

Wasatia  addresses all aspects of life: the way we eat, the way we dress, the way we spend money. Moderation is a value shared with the various thinkers and philosophers as well as all faiths and therefore could become a fruitful foundation for dialogue to achieve peace and reconciliation.