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Hitchcock’s Masterpiece On the Holocaust: “Memory of the Camps” Is Finally Released

A scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s film “Memory of the Camps.”…
In 1945 renown movie director, Alfred Hitchcock was asked to produce a film that would document the horrors of the Holocaust. That movie proved so potent, so damning that the allies suppressed the film’s release. At the time, the victorious allies viewed Stalin’s Soviet as the next great threat to freedom and world peace and were determined to rebuild a German nation that would ally itself with the west. Ongoing damnation of the German people in the post-war era was viewed as counterintuitive.

According to the Independent, Hitchcock’s documentary on the Holocaust was mothballed to the Imperial War Museum, much like the fictional Ark of the Covenant was at the conclusion of Steven Spielberg’s, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Upon discovering Hitchcock’s video record of the worst genocide in human history in a number of rusty video cans in the 1980′s, the Imperial War Museum painstakingly restored the film which has now finally been released for all to see.

(Warning: This film includes footage and descriptions of the Holocaust that may prove very distressing for some.)

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