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Theater of the Absurd: Why We Become Schizophrenic!

Political leaders are causing us to become schizophrenic.

They are claiming to be democratic; yet, they order us – their rank-and file – to sabotage meetings and to obstruct dialogue and thus undermining freedom of speech and freedom of expression. They claim they are calling for peace; yet, they incite the masses to demonstrate against the peacemakers.

They called the Oslo Accords: “Peace of the Brave”; yet, they keep degrading the Oslo Accords. They signed a treaty to recognize Israel, yet, they keep referring to Israel as Palestine.

They are negotiating with Israel, yet, they incite their rank-and-file to be against the negotiations. If normalization runs against the legacy of martyrs and prisoners, as they proclaim, why is it that most of those involved in normalization activities are sons of martyrs and ex-prisoners. Shall I go on?

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